Mounting 03 WR450 Stock Tripmeter


I've looked for pictures, diagrams in the manual etc but I can't find out where the stock tripmeter gets mounted? I know its behind the light, left hand side of your facing the bike but after that nothing I'm looking at makes sense? If you have a pic you could share I would appreciate it?


Will try to get a pic today of mounting.

That would be great - thanks!

It actually mounts to the right side behind the light.


Doc - that part I get but mounts to what I can figure out? I bought the bike with the the meter off so I can't seem to figure out what it mounts to?

Not the best pics-tough to get close ups-9-5-07_17.jpg



first is from right of forks, behind headlight

second is from left looking over bars

third is looking down at odometer

hope this helps.

Helps a bunch - thanks for doing that! It mounts on the bottom not the top as I was thinking. Thanks again I really appreciate it! :thumbsup:

OK The plot is still thick - is it normal when the tripmeter is mounted to have to force the headlight (plastic frame) back in to place? Basically the way it is now I have to slightly bow each side to get the bolts to go in to the healight frame. Just the way it is?

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