06 Clutch problems

Well I havent had to post here in a while because my 06YZ450 has been flawless until now. So my clutch was slipping a bit and I decided to replace it about a month ago. When I replaced it I used all stock stuff ecxept for the basket (I used a Barnett piece). I replaced the basket, metal and fiber plates springs and pressure plate. Now I am having a strange problem.

When I bring up the rpms to take off from a stop, the clutch really ratchets and clunks and bucks while in the friction zone and only when I take off from a stop. I slowly release the lever to start moving and I can hear and feel a sort of slipping and grabbing war going on down there. Other than that its fine. Its good when Im riding and shifting and even slow technical stuff doesnt bring out these symptoms.

So already I have taken it apart and inspected everything and it all appeared to be just fine. I put it all back together using the manual and checkd and rechecked everything. I re-lubed all the plates and put it back together and it still does it. I know this cant be good for it so I really want to get it fixed asap. The only thing I noticed was one edge of each friction plate is painted black and I didnt align the black edges because it wasnt specified in the manual. Other than that Im stumped so if there is someone here who is older and yzer than me, could he please offer up some suggestions :thumbsup:




If everything is in fact new, the only thing I can think of is something to do with the installation of the basket. If the basket is loose on the gear assembly, the cushion springs not correctly assembled, or if the basket to boss thrust washer is caught on the end of the splines, instead of up on the splines of the mainshaft, that could cause it.

hmmmm. guess its coming apart again tomorrow.


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