HELP Jetting -2003 250sx w/ 04 CARB -LOST MY SNAP

I have a 2003 KTM 250sx and I NEED HELP with jetting, I have tried switching jets(pilot and Main) I have tried different needles and have a jd jetting kit I have tried messing with the idle screw. I have a 2003 and a 2004 carb!! I have heard there were changes in 04 to the carb and/or its settings(I dont know for sure) but apparently the 04 does have less snap than the 03 (I thought that was due to more flywheel/crank inertia but no one around here knows aanything.

Right now I have a Jd needle in the 04 carb, with a 172 main and a 40 pilot 1 1/4 turn out, I live in Vancouver Canada and usually ride from sea level to 2500 ft - 750 m. Does anyone out there have any input as to what the best setup is for my bike/conditions. I know this is the place to find out. I am having trouble finding anyone that rides a 250sx these days in the trails (YES I want a 300 too....) Thanks

Here's the stock jetting recommendations for your elevation from 61-78 degrees F

AS: 1.5

PJ: 48

NJ: N3CW clip at 2nd position

MJ: 172

This is for a PWK - 38S AG with a 6.5 slide and 5 mm atomizer

This is straight from the factory repair manual. Can't help you with the '04 carb

PM me your email address and I will send you the stock jetting chart for the '03' 250SX. I can't send it to you in a PM.

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