Did I just waste my money?

It should fit

looks good for the price if you get and its no good send it back ebays usualy good about that.

It will fit.

Thanks for the info guys. I will post pics after it comes.

I was looking at that too. Downsides: Not USFS approved (yet) and, its loud 100db. Love to see some pics when you get it. Let us know how it sounds?

Will do.

It came in today, so of course I installed it already.






I only ran it for a bit but it is quieter than the stock pipe with the center removed but obviously louder than with it in. Some packing puffed out when I started it, is that normal?

The whole thing is aluminum, even the pipe. Don't know if that is good or bad. Only complaint so far is that there was a small dent in the pipe. But for about $130.00 I can't really complain.

Is there a lot of rattling or vibration?

That is a good looking pipe. For the $$$ looks pretty darn good!

No vibration, it seems really solid. The whole bike moves when I try to shake the pipe.

Went for the first long ride with it on and the 165 jet from my dynojet kit installed. Lots more power, front end comes up now. Stickers burned off the pipe though. I don't care I think it looks better with out them anyway.

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