Does the TT decomp plug fit flush?

I just installed the TT decomp plug on my '04. Is it supposed to fit flush with the engine or does it sit just a little proud?

The bolt went in finger-tight and I could feel that it would easily strip so I just got it snug. Will remove and use Loctite tomorrow.

Mine's way flusher than that!

It can't sit flush because it uses an OEM type seal for a decomp shaft that sits flush in the bore. The plug has a flange on it that covers the seal, and that will necessarily sit proud of the bore. As long as the lock bolt groove is in far enough to align with the lock bolt, the insertion depth is correct.

It's probably good then. The gasket is in the head. I was _amazed_ when I pulled the old plug out! It's just a press-fit! That screw does nothing with the original plug. Yikes!

EDIT: Just got back from the garage where I put loctite on the bolt. Now that it's daylight, I can easily see the groove in the plug thru the screw hole. I used the plier trick, too, and it didn't budge.

Now for the funny story as to why I was doing the plug in the middle of the night and couldn't see the groove...after doing a lot of reading and asking questions, I convinced myself that the 450F was not the bike I wanted and that a 250 2T would be much more appropriate. I decided to go toss the 450 on my dealer's floor and work a deal with him on a NOS '06 250 he's got sitting there. So, on Sunday night, I spent about an hour or so pulling off my Protaper bars, stepped seat, fork air caps, old graphics, and Q2 pipe and restoring it back to stock. We cleaned everything, polished the rims, and so on and then I tossed the blue beast in the corner to await its fate on Weds. Well, in my job, I spend a lot of time driving and thinking and while driving around on Monday, I realized that not only am I going to lose about $1500 on the 450F (which I've only had for a year), but "upgrading" to the 250 is going to run me about $1800 by the time I do tax, title, license, dealer prep, etc. Plus, I just bought an '05 KX125 and honestly, am I going to ride both a 125 and 250 smoker? With what I have now, I have the big 4T plus the little 2T which gives me a lot of range. I don't know about you guys, but $1800 is a chunk of money for me and is probably better invested somewhere else right now. Decision made! I'll keep the blue rhino until spring, at least.

About an hour before dark, I went down to the barn and put my stuff back on- all except the FMF pipe (a bear to get on, but it will be going back on). Since I dropped the needle and the FMF Q2 ran great with that change, I decided to pop the db Dawg in the stock pipe and see how it ran that way. Installed it (PITA!!!), got my helmet, gloves, and kicked the bike over. It started and ran but when I gave it gas to go...POP!!! Dead! Thinking it might be dry, I added gas to the tank and then kicked and kicked and kicked. No question here- the plug is fouled (it did this over a year ago on my 3rd ride). Harraapmmmffff!!!! :eek: And after I decided to keep it!! :ride: Maybe I WILL sell this pig!!!! :thumbsup:

I decided to use this as a lesson and see if I could change the plug w/out removing the tank. Maybe Grayracer can, but I sure couldn't! Eventually, I had the tank and shrouds off, the plug out (dirty and black), and that's when I thought "Oh hey, now's the time to get that decomp plug in there", and in it went. Of course, it was 8:30 and dark by this time and I couldn't see much of what I was doing. Bike fired about 1/2 way thru the first kick and I got it nice and warm before I shut 'er down. Oh well, it probably needed the new plug anyway- it's been over a year since the last one.


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