Damper Rod Holder a must?


I'm planning to replace the oil seal from the front forks on a 1999 WR400. The seal kit and seal driver has already been ordered. I'm having trouble finding a damper rod holder that is called out on the service book. Is this tool a must to get the job done or do you guys have an alternative idea/techniques/tools to use? Thanks in advance..

I just went to lowe's and made a damper rod holder for myself. It cost me about 10 dollars, and an hour of labor. I just looked at the damper rod holder in a picture, and than took my forks apart. You don't need damper rod holder to take the forks apart, you just need it to place them back together. All you need to take them apart is a pneumatic wrench for the bottom bolt while compressing the fork. Once you you separate the forks you'll see how to mold your damper rod. I used pvc pipe to make both a fork seal driver, and a damper rod holder. I've used the same homade tools for multiple fork seal replacements and they've lasted. It will save you money, especially if you have multiple bikes that require different size tools. If you have any questions, reply back.

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