158 Main Jet Part#

I read here somewhere, someone posted the honda part #? I need it

99101-357-1580 should be a Keihin series 357 main jet in size 158. Insert the size you want into the last section of the number to get other sizes (#155 = -1550, #90 = -0900, etc.)

Sweet - I was just at the local shop yesterday trying to buy jets, & the gal behind the counter started argueing with me about the existance of the 68s pilot "never heard of such a thing - ever" etc.

Is there a simular "trick" for the 68S ?

99105-MBN-0680 is the 68s. The part description makes no mention of it's "S" designation--but that is an "S" jet.

FWIW, I use a normal 68. I believe the importance of using an "S" jet is overrated. JMO

Alright - thx HawkGT!

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