stuff for sale

I need some money so I have some stuff for sale.

Clack 3.4 gallon tank white, good condition

stock wr front springs .46

stock wr rear spring 5.0

optional spring 5.2

stock wr seat and tank good condition

stock wr odometer with all wheel hardware good condition

if you are interested please e-mail me with an offer at



angel boy, was the stroker quiet tip worth the money. Is there a site that shows the piece

I would have to say yes. I think I paid about 50 for it and it makes the uncorked wr pipe comparible to the yz pipe. Basically it just takes the edge that the open wr pipe has. I thought their web page was but it is not working for some reason. I will let you know if I find it.

The 5.2 spring and Clarke tank are sold.

I also have a 2000wr muffler with a stroker quiet tip that I am looking to get rid of.


Strokers web site is down. They are doing a complete reconstruction of the site and it should be back up in a couple of weeks. They appologize for any problems this may be causing their customers. If you call them, they can answer any questions you may have and probably send a photo of the quiet tip to your e-mail address. 760.948.2871


Angle Boy:

Im converting my YZ over to WR status. I have the stock odo & cable but I need the rest of the stuff at the wheel in order to make the odo work. Do you still have all those parts?

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