bad high speed stability

My 03' 450 seems to be rather unstable at high speed sections at my local track. What can fix this? Ill be going down a staight and the front end will start jumping back and forth, same thing happens on some big jumps, which is very scary to me. Any ideas?

Have you set your sag yet or played w/ any clickers?

What do you weigh?

What PSI are you running in your tires?

Where are your forks in relation to your top clamps--are the caps flush to the clamps or do you have some fork tube showing above the clamp?

Are you on the gas when landing?

If it's like mine was, there are two things you can do. The problem with mine was always started by hitting a small but sharp bump, or the square edge of a hole, especially if at a slight angle. The wheel would kick out to the side away from the impact, land and kick back just as hard, and repeat....

The fork is too harsh. Set the compression as light as you can make it and get away with it, then cut back the rebound about 3-4 clicks, too. Why? Because the clickers are basically an adjustable pressure bleed off for the valving, and the rebound clicker bleeds off not only the rebound valve, but the mid-stroke compression valve, as well. That will increase the fork's compliance over the sudden bumps in the middle of the stroke.

And, of course, the other thing you can do is install Scotts damper. Very effective

i run 15 psi, i weight 155lbs and yes i am on the gas when i land, but thank you grayracer im pretty shure thats the sulution to my problem. My front end seems to kick out violently on square edge bumps. Ill try softning my fork next time im at the track.:thumbsup:

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