Looking to get a new bar

I'm about to order a new handle bar for my bike and i'm looking for suggestions. I ride a KDX 200 and i'm 6'3 so i won't a bar that will promote an upright riding position. I also need them to be compatible with my 7/8" Tusk Bark Busters.

get protaper SE bars there great i had a pair on my 80 and am usuing them as back up for my 250 now and i had crashed alot on my 80 and they never bent plus there not too expensive

I'm actually looking at the Tag X5 7/8's. Anyone know anything about those? Also besides new grips is there anything else i need to order when getting new bars?

Tag X5 Mini-high is plenty enough ride for you but run 28.8 inches wide. If you're ok with that width(you are woods riding anyway) then you've found your new bar :thumbsup:

I decided to go with the Tag X5 CR High bend bars. I've ridden a couple bikes with that bend and i feel comfortable with it. I also ordered a pair of Harris MX Performance Grips, they look sweet as well as a Moose magnetic oil drain plug. I didn't know if i should replace the throttle tube but figured i didn't. lol

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