Question about xr600 stator. Will this fit?

I have a bad stator on my xr600. I was going to rewind if but ran into this stator.

This xr600 I just bought has been converted to street legal so it has all the lights. I was thinking about just getting this stator if it will fit becuase I can get a discount at my work on it. However it says that it fits all years. To my understanding my year (1989) isn't the same as ones past 1991. So my question is will this fit and will I have to do anything else to the bike to put this on? Thanks for any help

Honda relized that the pre 1986 stator with only one spark lobe had some start issues. The newer 1991 stator has two spark lobes. You will need a longer mm bolt to replace one of the three when you install it. The degree of placement is about 33 degrees out but that does not matter as the cdi times it all out ok

You can get the same 200W unit from rickystator for $20 less...

I bought my stator from Ricky Stator. It rocks! The spark is so strong you can hear a crack sound. It also comes with an extra 100 watt light circuit for some real added lums. I did not have to do anything special to install it. It just pops in and you plug in the wires to the ac rectifier under your Honda seat. Ricky Stator also sell the OEM gasket for about 600% less then Honda dealers. I plan to put extra lights on later this winter...was thinking dual car head lights like the pics shown on the Ricky web site

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