side plate yzf side plate differences

i am looking to get some new pre printed backgrounds for my 2004 yzf 450:ride:

but i don't have the original front plate. instead i have a 2007 yzf plate so i was wondering if the side plates from an 04 and an 07 are the same so that i could just order backgrounds for a 2007 instead of trying to find a way to order separate backgrounds for both years. :thumbsup:

nope, they are diffrent...just tell the company what the deal is, im sure they can get it sorted out

Totally different, I accidently ordered 2007 number decals for my 2004. Not good. The front plate worked okay, but the sides I had to re-order.

thanks for letting me know before i wasted my time ordering 07 backgrounds and having to send them back and reorder.. thanks i truly appreciate it :thumbsup:

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