wr450f 2007 suspension

Wich is the best set up for a rider 1.76m tall, 86kg? most of times, mud, ups and down, little rocks and medium high velocity, few jumps.


Set the sag according to the manual and stiffen the comp up front by 4-6 cliks, mine works just fine for rocks and river streams!!

:thumbsup: Thats just what I have made,on my rear suspension, 6 (to H position) clicks on the set up above the seat, on the swingarm set up, I tunned 4 (to H position) clicks, and the springs, I have tried to compress it, a half from the standart position to the end ( 3/4 ). but I have to measure the sag point (95/102mm??) I don't know mine now! tomorrow I will answer.

I haven't tried on dirt, it gets taller and more hard. on the front suspension, no adjustments, because I really like it.


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