GYTR Top Clamp/bar mounts?

Is anybody using the GYTR top clamp? Combined with the GYTR bar mounts it looks like it offers lots of adjustability for bar position...just looking for some feedback.

Had one on our old 250F. The resemble the Tag T2. There are two sets of holes in the clamp, and the bar mounts are reversible in either of them. Rotating the bar mounts moves the bar position about 10mm, so there are 4 places to set the bars over a 30mm range, front to back. Nice clamp overall.

I was just considering the same thing for my '04. Why would I want different positions, though? At 5' 6" tall, I'm still trying to decide if I want forward bar position to get my weight forward, rear to keep my weight back on the bumps and braking, or just a stock neutral position.

What Would Ricky Do?

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