06" LE Shroud Graphics

Anyone know where to get 06' LE shroud graphics without buying the entire "Hurricane" kit from one industries or paying about $200 from YAMAHA!! I really like the white plastic with the black 06' LE shroud graphics like Wyatt did.

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yeh you can buy the hurricane shrouds by theirselves

Buy the white shrouds through Acerbis or who ever you prefer, then get the stickers through Yamaha...I guess you also could get the plastic from Yamaha too. Find someone who works at a dealer (like me) and have them buy them for you and you can get huge discounts. OEM markup is alot, I probably should not say.

OEM markup is alot, I probably should not say.

100% ??

100% ??

Let me do the math, because when factoring markdown from Retail, it will be different than manufacture markup.

Depending on the item, average markup is more than what you said! Awsome aint it? Lets put it this way, I get 10% above cost, and most times I come out under 50% of what retail is.

It would need to. Those stickers are $85 each side.

got mine for $90 bucks total. :thumbsup:

I would like to buy a set for 90.00...

please pm me and tell me where

I missed two complete hurricane kits on ebay a month ago. Both kits sold for around $55 a set. That was just the graphics kit, no plastic. My luck

You can go to http://www.flatoutmotorcycles.com/ and order the OEM graphics for the LE model. Below are the part numbers and prices for each side.


5XC-2173L-01-00 1 $57.08


5XC-2174L-01-00 1 $57.08

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