Wr400 99 repairs

Ive made a few posts and gathered information now i need some help :thumbsup: Its coming up on another riding season and while my bike ran great last season shes an old beast now and i want to do some work on her. Firstly i need a new exhaust. I just want a quiet exhaust, recommendations? Secondly im from the San Diego area and I'm looking for someone who has a wr400 or has had one who knows how to work on them! I'm working with limited funds and really want to try to jet my carb/rebuilt my top end. ANY information you guys can give me or anyone in the san diego area looking to pass on a little knowledge, be it about riding in general or just mechanics id love to have it. Thank you all for creating this wealth of information.


Hey, I don't know how much I can help, but I'm San Diego too. Just bought a 99 WR400 also, and I'm working out jetting issues too. I'm no expert, and I'm still getting familiar with the WR, but I've done alot of work on many other bikes, mainly 2 strokes though.

Where in SD are you?

I'm in Bay Park.

I just buy on e bay a brand new JARDINE slip-on whit spark arestor really quiet little more than the original and pay only 125.00 for it 1!!! :thumbsup:

Maybe we need to start a San Diego WR400 club? I'm in Lemon Grove. Get together with fadingfastsd and myself and we have a good start.

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