yz426 5th gear screwed up

So i traded my truck for a bike that was suppose to be in prime condition, ended up meeting the guy in a big city with nowhere to test ride, and there was no way i was gonna fire it up in tacoma and ride it around dont want a $600 ticket. Anyway i take her out to some logging roads and when i put her in 5th it feels like there are teeth missin on the gear. I want to make the bike a motard/dual sport, with the gears bein so short could i get a wr bottom end and swap that in? Or should i just pull it apart and replace it. The bike still runnin super strong and i want to start doin some racing maybe scrambles but i dont wana wait till she goes to replace the gear, also on limited budget. Ahh i want to feel her in 5th so bad. Maybe i should go find a wr at some dealership and "test ride" it to feel how much longer the gears are. Thanks for any input.

It would be very unwise to wait any longer to replace the damaged gears (5th and 3rd gear pinions (on the mainshaft) and the #2 shift fork). The engine runs in the transmission oil.

Any or all of the gears in the WR can be swapped in.

thanks alot, thats what i wanted to hear. Is there a kit i can get with all the gaskets i would need to replace? Also any tricky stuff i would need to know about? How hard is it to adjust timing? Theres really only one way you can do that right? Thanks

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