Can I use a WR426 radiator in a WR400?

Does anyone know if the WR400/426 radiators are interchangeable? The dealer says no. I have a '99 WR 400 and the radiators are black in color. The WR426's are not painted and are silver alum. They look identical to me. If I can use them can the silver WR426 radiators be painted? I also noticed that the 400's rads are more money than the 426's. Thanks all. KJR

Same damn bike.

Can they be painted black?

Yes, but why?

Not to look like a replacement. For looks only.

I am going to put guards on them so I guess it would not matter.

Paint acts as an insulator and will affect the efficiency of the radiators. Perhaps this is why they are no longer black. :thumbsup:

On that note- my 2000WR400 radiators are alum in color.

2001WR426 radiators are different. You could probably use them but might need the shrouds from a 426 and if that's the case the tank possibly too. The side of the radiators where the shrouds bolt are different. If I remember correctly the radiators are the same from 2001-2005 both 426 & 450. 98-00 are the same aside from color from what you are saying.

Summary- paint is a bad idea and 426/450 radiators are not a direct bolt on item for your 400. They can be made to fit with the addition of other parts.

Ditto to what Solo said i Put a wr426 rad on my wr400 just had to do adjusting where the shrouds hook to the rad

Great info. Thanks all.

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