OK, I have read some of the posts on "Deoctopussing", however, I am still stumped. I am extremely new to the WR426 bike and lingo. Could someone tell me what to do? I live in central North Carolina, what jetting changes would need to occur? Thanks!

I am right in the middle of it and am going to change the Start Jet to a YZ Start Jet #65 and the Pilot Air Jet to a YZ Pilot Air Jet #100.

This is mainly based on the article written by Clark in the Technical section on this site, take a look, there is lots of good info.

To deoctopuss or not depends on your model year.

Model from 98-99 it applies - you have to remove that whole thing pipes, body and all.

Model year 00 and up have an internal mechanism that does the same thing via an ACV or Air Cut Valve.

Do a search and all will be revealed.

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