my wr450 wont start.(electrical)

last nite i was trying to fit a hidden kill switch on my 06 wr450. there were 4 cables goin into the ignition switch behind the headlight so i opened it to see which cables to cut into. 2 wires were for the switch and 2 for the led to show the switch is on. i accidently touched a solder of the switch with a solder of the led with my circuit tester.i heard a pop and the led went out n when i push the starter nothing happens. however when the switch is on i can kick start it. i checked 2 fuses at the battery and theyre fine. please tell me i havnt cocked it up cus the bike is 2 weeks ideas neone?

Do you have the manual? What year!

I'm looking at the 07 manual!

There are a number of items that you may have damaged.

Is there 12vdc on both sides of the 10 amp fuse?

Is there 12vdc on the brown wire of the main switch when engaged?

Also, is there 12vdc on the Blue/Red wire of the start switch (main switch engaged) and then 12vdc on the Blue/Back wire of the start switch when this switch is pressed?

I'd bet you just fried a fuse somewhere. Trace the wires and you'll likely find it...SC

its an 06. and no i havnt checked that ill go do it now. a frend of mine reckons its the starter cut-off relay. yeh i have the manual it ses to check: main switch

starter switch

cut-off relay

starter relay

the starter on mine only has 2 wires and yes 12v runs thru them when the switch is engaged(& main switch on). however my main switch has four wires(only brown n red are for the switch tho)

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