Jardine muffler

I have a 2002 wr426 just put on a new jardine rt4 slip on muffler on it and when we got back from rideing I was washing the bike when I noticed that the muffler has tire marks on it my tire is kenda 778 dot 120-90-18 anyone else have this problem? also think I may have lost some top end speed.:thumbsup:

I got a new FMF Q2 and I love it! its quiet with good low end power . the low end power may have improved over my extremely loud YZ pipe.

Yea I would have liked to get another muffler but I got this one on ebay for $109.00 and for that price could not pass on it I will need to get a spark arrester this is new muffler.also my tire is getting chewed by the chain

Get rid of the kenda they suck! I had a millville 778 I believe is the number. It started to chunk on the first ride and was pretty much destroyed after two rides. I was riding in rocky condtitions, but my dunlop 756 held up for almost one year in the same conditions.

Just curious, did you have to re-jet after putting on the Jardine? Ciao JP

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