JT sprockets-not enuff offset for 650r

The JT front sprockets for the 650R dont have enuff offset

and put the chain too far outboard by about a 1/4 inch. I should have noticed this at install but didnt.

The frame got litely munched and the funny thing is,I never

heard a grind,rub,snag,or anything. Just an FYI.:thumbsup:


My current front is a JT 15; no issues.

What if you flip it?

My current front is a JT 15; no issues.
Same here.

We've done 50+ JT 15t sprockets on 650Rs and have never had an issue (and I have a ton of new OEM 14t laying around if anyone needs).

Correct sprocket?:thumbsup:

I ordered 2 front sprockets in a row from one suplier only to be sent the same front sprocket each time but only for the L. I could tell by looking that it wasn't the right one and got the dealer to send it back and didn't order from them again. Once is a misstake twice is just stupid. Any chance this happened to you? Just a thought. I'm not sure if it would even go on properly.

Looka like I got the wrong sprocket --JTF-309-15

My parts guy is usually excellent. Guess he had a few beers the night

before. I shouldve noticed the offset difference:bonk:



So was it for an 650L? It's happened to me enough that I always double check now befor I leave the dealer. Shouldn't have to I know. I've even helped look up the part # to make sure it's right but when the part comes it's not the # I ordered. I've even had sales people tell me they will interchange the motors are the same.:thumbsup: As if the they are like the XL's and XR's of the 80's. Than I leave.:ride:

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