PLEASE HELP - need YZ start jet #65 ASAP

Hi all, I am about to go on a dessert ride next weekend and was going to de-octopus my wr400 this weekend plus make some other mods. Turns out one of the necessary jets I got from my local dealer is the wrong one.

Now I am in trouble, my dealer has a 10 day lead time on getting a new one so I have to figure out a better way to get one.

If any of you have a YZ Start Jet #65 laying around I will be very glad to pay new (Yamaha) price for it plus shipping.

Or if anyone knows where I can get a new one shipped priority-1.

PLEASE help if you can, I will be in the LA and Irvine area Monday + Tuesday so if you live near there or know a dealer in that area who would have it please let me know since that would make it even easier and faster.

Wednesday, Thursday + Friday I will be back in Fresno where I live.

Thanks very much in advance.


look at my signiture below this message and you'll see that i run a smaller starter jet having once run a #65.

you don't need it. all it is the richness/or not of your bike on choke. they're very old settings from 2 years ago unfortunately i can't get the moderators to upgrade it. after all they are yam settings versus what we, the riders have found.

so don't panic, your bike will be just fine without it.

maybe a few more of you with WZ's can back this up-i don't think one opinion is going to convert to a leap in faith!


Thanks for responding.

Taffy, now you kind'a gave me doubts about the other stuff I am doing :-) Would you mind commenting on my plans below ?

I am deoctopusing and staying with WR timing, I ride in all altitudes and want good all round settings.

Based on that I am in the middle of implementing the following setup:

178 Main Jet

48 Pilot Jet

Pilot Air Jet Screw - 1 turn out = 100

Start Jet (staying with 60 now :-)

All other settings are original.

Thanks very much, hope this is not too much trouble since I realize this may be fairly redundant from your perspective.




I will be checking my MJ collection when I get home and ordering all jets from Carb Parts.

I have the same setup as Simon (Missle), but w/ the 420 kit.

Now from what I have read (Clark Mason), his 420 DID NOT rev like the 400 (heavier piston).

I will also be using my Carbon Fibre airbox again.

well done kev :)

good luck

BTW, clarke's bike wouldn't rev because his squish was too wide (IMHO).


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