Newbie Wheel Question

I bought my first dirt bike, a 07 yz450, back in June. Long story short, about a month ago i crashed into a tree going decently fast (higher rpms of third gear), and bent my front rim pretty badly/snapped some spokes.

Are there any good reasons I should just get a pre-built wheel (and if so does anybody recommend going through anybody in particular?) or should I just use the stock hub and bargain hunt the rim/spokes and then pay to have it laced at a local shop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did a forum search and didnt find anything useful.

As long as your hub is not damaged then it would be cheapest to simply find a new rim (ebay) and have it laced up. Hubs are expensive.

Thanks. I actually found a smaller shop that would lace a rim for half the price the retail shops would (100 instead of 200). That pretty much made the decision for me.

Is 100 about what I should expect to pay for a set of spokes and nipples?

If it does not apear to have outside damage can I assume the hub is ok?

Nevermind... The TT has'em cheaper than that...

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