Proper chain adjustment

I know this is a rookie question. But how can I tell if my chain is adjusted properly? How much slack should I have with a rider on board? I am trying to figure out if my swingarm is wearing under the chain guide because of inproper chain adjustment or just bad design. I gotta fix it soon. It's eating away at my swingarm. I just hate to have to spend a lotta time and money to fix something that shouldn't be broken. I wonder if I could warranty this.

Your chain should be adjusted with the rear wheel off the ground. The manual say to allow 1.6-2" slack when measuring directly above the rearmost chain slider bolt.

I run mine at 2".

The wear underneath the slider is from the slider moving back and forth due to a bad design. I glued old inner tube to the bottom of the slider then bent the "hat" portion of those silly washers down a little bit with a socket. Once that was done the chain slider does not move back and forth.



To loose is way better than to tight. If the chain is to tight, the rear hub could grenade :)

I use three fingers width at the end of the slider. Course three fingers of a good scotch ain't bad either :D


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