Xr400 wheel on a Xr650r

Hey Ya'll,

Will a Xr400 rear wheel fit on a Xr650r? Thanks, Tony

nope it wont without modification...

i have send one of the local mechanic to do it for me...well its done now...except for the drilling to size of the holes for my rotor...

what he mentioned to me bout the modding is,to bore out the bearings location on the hubs...and the inner bushing have to change to the XR650R bcoz the size of the rear wheel shaft is different...sorry if my poor english description is hard to understand...it would be easier to describe it in person...:thumbsup:

anyways,i m doing a spare rear wheelset for my daily commuting usage so i can have a set with road tyres,and another with off-rd tyres...

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