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When you least expect it....

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Saturday started out with clear skies and crisp morning air...and ended in the Emergency Room.

It was supposed to be a quick ride in the morning. I was to be back in time to buy paint and get a coat on the living room before dark. It turned out to be a all day rescue effort behind the shadow mountains between El Mirage and High Vista.

A buddy of mine had been a diehard CR 500 fan. After riding my 02' WR 426 he decided to make the transition. He bought a 98 YZF 400 and this was the first ride.

The first loop was about 30 miles..just so he could get used to the bike. "This bike is awesome" he exclaimed after the first ride.

On the second loop we werent so fortunate. About 45 min into the ride we were on the North side of the Shadow Mountain range and he crashed. He is a really good rider and we wernt going very fast. luckily I have a 4WD Tundra and I was able to pull him out. The whole ordeal took 4 hours. Cant't go as fast in the Tundra as the 426.

He fractured his tibia in 2 places and the bike took a hit to the front brake rotor... folded over.

the worst part of the story is that he doesnt have any health insurance..He had recently switched jobs and the new insurance hadnt kicked in yet...

Not sure what happens next..

Please everyone here at TT...if you ride, make sure you have insurance...cause you never know what can happen..He was a good rider..never fell...

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