sledge hammer time????????

yesterday came to remove plastics to clean my baby and guess what left rad scoop bolt closest to seat just turns and wont undo am i sick to death of the bolts on my 07 snapping rounding off i am sure there made of butter:thumbsdn: just wondered if any one has same prob? and best way to remove bolt? prob have to helicoil it i do love my bike i tighten every bolt to torque spec and still nowt but problems when i had my kx it was a pleasure to work on this wr is a nightmare uses stupid socket sizes why not keep like kawasaki a couple of different sizes and you can strip whole bike down changed oil and removed plastics today needed 13mm/12mm????????????????????????????????/????/10mm/8mm sockets and an allen key its fu?~@~n ridiculous kawasaki would have been 8mm socket and 13mm

Where was the 13mm?

seat is a 10mm

i can almost strip my bike to the frame with a "custom" tool kit

05wr. i put in a water pump with the kit

1/4 in stubby ratchet 6-8-10-13-15mm 27mm tire spoon

ball end allens fold up torx set and a multi tip screwdriver, o and the multi tool

and some other odds and ends for other people's bikes that like to fall apart

to get your bolt out drill off the head and take the tank off, use pb blaster and vise grips, i had the same problem also just use never sieze the next time.

Exact same problem. The nut insert is obviously spinning on the tank. I just left mine on the tank as I was removing the tank anyway. I am ordering a larger tank anyway, and with it I will have to change the plastics because they won't fit the new tank. I guess I'm taking the cowards way out on this one.

It not just Yammie ... All Jap bikes fastener engineering haven't improved overly much over the past 40 years :thumbsup:

Get yourself a tap and die set, along with a helicoil kit for the bolts / bolt holes already @#$% -ed :bonk: and if you want the problem resolved ... Replace all the bolts with grade 8 allen or torx ones :ride:

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