best spark plug wrench for 04 450

Bike didnt come with spark plug wrench...what's the best combination of 5/8 deep set socket and extention lenghts...wiggler etc. Going woods riding Sunday and need to take the tool in the back pack just in case.

Thanks Bill

I've used a 6 inch SK wobble extention and a normal 5/8 plug socket before. Don't forget to pack the ratchet too. :thumbsup:


Originally Posted by WB450

What are you guys carrying on the trail for plug wrench? Where did you get it?

Motion Pro plug wrench for the YZF. Nice little tool; rubber lined socket, comes with its own swivel extension, and the extension gives you three different options as to what to use to drive it with.

Local Bike Shop item.

yea need the 10mm to take the tank and seat off too.

yea need the 10mm to take the tank and seat off too.

Do you HAVE to take the seat and tank off? I tried and tried to get the plug out using the stock plug wrench and couldn't do it. Is there a trick or does the tank have to come off?

The tank has to came of. No other way. Or you've got supernatural

power ;-) If yes please tell me if everything is ok in my engine ;-)

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