MEFO tire update anyone?

I know a few of you have bought some new Mefo tires recently and was hoping you would post what you think of them so far...

also, if you found a source for Mefo's for an 18" rear....:thumbsup:

I have them and love them but I'm talking street wise and have never been in the dirt with them. They are extremly smooth with NO tire howl what so ever.

The bike can be leaned over really far with no fear of them losing their grip.

I used to have head shake at around 70-75 with a Michilen AC10 up front and now at 80-90 (just tried it once) have none at all and I didn't balance either end, feel there is no need to.

You can get the 18's here too, they just don't list them on the site and shipping is "free" if you buy two tires. It came to 179.90 for a 90/90 F and 120/80 rear. If you can get the bigger (not by much) 130R, go for that as I had room yet at the chain mud guard in front for a wider tire yet.


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