Inner clutch hub problem. Advice needed.


During last ride I found my clutch preaty laud (typical cluch noise) but louder.

So I decided to take of the clutch cover, springs, pressure plate and check the nut. I found that the nut is tight but inner clutch hub has a little play. It apperas out that steel insert has play in alloy inner clutch hub. So what to do?

I think that it's not normal. The insert can be easly rotate few degres and has side play also.

Should I change the hub immidietally?

Can I ride now during waiting for new hub?

Which hub is the best price/quality mix?

Yeah that happens to them after many hours of hard abuse. Just get another OEM Yamaha part.. they are really cheap. If you want to spend a few bucks extra for something a little stronger you can upgrade to a Hinson or GYTR Yamaha part.

Should I change the hub immidietally?

Yes. What he said ^

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