learned the hard way

I raced an enduro today and blew a shock seal when I bottomed out off a jump. Part of the course was a section of pavement about 1 mile long so it was real easy to get up a head of steam. I was in 5th WOT and noticed ahead that the trail went left, I let off the gas and hit the front brake, the front end darted left and I went over the bars. Thank God for motorcycle gear it saved my hyde when I slid about 100 ft. I learned the hard way how the front end acts with a blown seal :)

Sorry you got tossed off, hope you are doing ok!

Was it the wild boar enduro?

I Thaught i saw your name on my same minute 57 I

was 57A

anyone else from the UK titter at the above comment? :):D:D

does it have the same meaning in the states? :D:D:D


:) Taff....you just got a dirty mind ROFL! :D:D:D

Not quite Taff but close . Rich,it was the Wild Boar and all is ok just a little scraped up. When I finished sliding, a guy came running up to see if I was ok. I looked at my shreaded chothes and scraped up bike and said I hope so, Fired the bike first kick and said all is good :) and finished the race. Good job on your second place finish. I started this race on the wrong foot. I got to the line 7 minutes late when I thought I was on time (So much for my calculations :D ). Did you get caught up in that cluster before check 2 ? I think I was there for 40 minutes. Doug

Thanks Doug,

Good job to you as well!

Yea i got stuck there at point before check 2

also, made for a long day of no rest trying to

make up time.

See you at the next one (Sawmill)



I know what your snickering about. And it was only ice cream. LOL. Just joking with ya! :D:D:D:)

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