Valve Check-Help a brother out!

Hello All,

07 WR450 and first valve check. I can't believe how cramped the space is!!!! :thumbsup:

My problem.....The space to get the feeler gauge in is very narrow, not like my 02WR426. Is there a special set of narrow gauges?

Also, what is your experience in re-using the cover gasket?

Also while I'm there, I am going to remove the AIS. I have the GYTR kit.



I dont know if its more cramped than my 03 but I just bought the slimmest set I could find from the auto store.They work, just make sure your not applying any type of pressure to the lifter/valve bucket.The gasket is one piece of rubber that makes up those two " half moon" shapes you see on the side of your engine and is reusable.If you need to shim take some pictures of the cams, make drawings, get a manual, or search the forums here.Simply put ,the cam gears must be put back in exactly the right positions.Get a wire or string that you can use to keep the chain from falling into the case.Then stuff a rag in the hole to keep the cam retainer clips from falling down there.Keep things in order and replace the shims if needed.I use one of those $10 micrometers to check the old and new shims as their markings are'nt always correct.Hopefully you dont have to do it as I've checked mine twice in 1100 miles and didnt really need to do it!

Maybe I'm missing something, but I had one heck of a time getting the cover off and then putting it back on! There is almost no clearance! I removed the coolant hose in front, but what a PITA! Anyone have any tips on getting the cover off and then back on?

At least the valves were right on! No adjustment necessary.:thumbsup:

The Motion Pro gauges worked very well.



I just did mine for the first time also,what a joyous experience that was.I reused my gasket with a small amount of engine sealant around the half moons you can see where the factory also aplied some. it was very tricky to get the cover back on without tying the gasket in a knot try another set of hands that helps but removing the coolant hose and finding the right angle seems to be the best way to go.

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