Trying to deside between which bars to go with?

Hi all I have a xr650l 2007 and I seem so cramped up with the stock bars been looking at the cr high bend bars. This is what I have come down to Tag x5 cr double high bend bars or Renthal Rider bar J.Button-High bend, both bars are close in description but just looking for some advice and what to get. I figure the taller bars will feel better and more comfortable also I'm no giant just 6. tall. Thanks for everyones time also.

Don't forget about another crowd favorite...Pastrana FMX's. They have 4.75 inches of rise and not too much sweep so when you rotate them forward they don't torque your wrists much. Plus they are 30.5 inches wide so great for off-road and single track.

would less sweep or pull back on the bars more comfortable?

How high can you go with the bars befor I will run into trouble with my clutch cabels and other stuff being to short?

I bought the custom Renthal hi-bends from Scott's Performance so that if I decide to add one of their dampers later, I can do so. (The crossbar brace is slightly arched to make room for their damper)

would less sweep or pull back on the bars more comfortable?

That's personal preference usually. I like bars with less sweep because I tend to rotate them forward and the more sweep you are running when you rotate the more the bars torque my wrists. Just my 2.

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