What did you learn today ?

WR400 101 taught me the following yesterday

- slower is sometimes faster - wheelie #1 worked whereas a cocky faster wheelie #2 drove my front wheel straight into the tree trunk I was trying to climb over. Took all my momentum and weight on my right wrist which folded and my hand went numb for about 30 seconds. It eventually got back to normal and I could continue..probably shouldnt have as it hurt like a sumB !

- dont ever try and restart from a ridge ! trying to negotiate a pile of tree cuttings I fell left into some branches....picked it up..got on...overbalanced to the right...put my arm up against a tree to stop my fall and damn near wrenched my shoulder socket out!

- weight lifting works....aftzer 5 weeks of working out, picking the bike up was WAY easy

- protapers are stiff...too stiff for me...if I cant find a way to dampen the vibrations they are for sale.

what did you learn today ???

I learned that being 5"9" tall and 205lbs is too damned heavy. I am too weak in my old age for hard labor. While pounding in stakes in the frozen tundra of Minnesota I completly wore myself out in a matter of minutes. The stakes are for the gravel pit that our club recently leased from a construction company. woohoo, a new riding area, but it is cold out, and I am to sore to think about it.


I learned that in 3 years (when my daughter's 4), I'll buy her a bike...which she will in turn crash and not want to ride for 1 year. I'll sell the bike and buy another at age 5...which she'll crash again. The cycle will continue until either I'm poor or she's riding. (Funny story from a guy at the track two weeks ago).

Missle, I couldn't afford your tuition! The question is " how long does it take a stalled, embarrassed thumper rider on a steep side hill to realize the UP-hill side must be on the left to avoid being his buddies' favorite entertainment?" Paint me pink & call me a &%$#@!, but I REALLY miss my DR650 e-start about then, but you would have to do a LOT of weight lifting to get THAT hog off yourself. Hope it wasn't your favorite hand/wrist. :)

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