head gasket problem

so i just got '06 xr650r, put in an initial break in of 550 miles, dirt and street.

i do have the baja designs kit on. anyways after the break in i put in a stage 2 hot cam, full 2bros. exhaust, k&n filter, removed the airbox snorkel, and put the dyno jet kit in. so about 100 miles later i noticed coolant leaking out of the head at the gasket. checked the oil and there was coolant in the oil too.

needless to say the bike is sitting at my shop awaiting a new head gasket on tues.

so i was just wondering if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them. and why this might have happened.

yes i am running it on the street, but i went up a tooth on the front sprocket.

and its running at maybe mid rpms.


anybody got answers?

Thats strange....did you remove the head when you installed the cam?? Should have only needed to remove the cylinder head cover which shouldn't effect your head gasket.

yeah i only took the cover off. didnt touch anything else.

my buddy said it was b/c the bike wasn't designed to go that fast for that

lon. i told him he doesn't know what hes talkin bout.

i'm just hoping this doesnt become a continueing problem.

Was this a brand new motor or are you refering to Cam Break In? If it's new from the dealer then check on waranty...if the motor has been broken in already and the problem arose after the new cam then??? I think you are just gonna have to see how it goes after the new head gasket.

yeah i rode the bike for like 550 miles b4 installing the cam.

then another 100 w/the cam in b4 the problem started.

i work at a honda shop so fixing is not a problem.

we shall see. n e one else have a similar problem?

my buddy said it was b/c the bike wasn't designed to go that fast for that

lon. i told him he doesn't know what hes talkin bout.


shes back, up and running.

no thanks to honda who decided to crossthread one of

the head nuts. which caused it to crack.

I have had a 650r plated for 5 years. My buddy blew his appart in one year

riding it to work everyday. I don't beleave they like high speed travel for

sustained period of time even though the baja guys claim they hold them

wide open for 20 miles at a time. I run 15/47 on the street which seems

to minimize higher speed vibs. Al and all I have had no problems with mine.

I always watch the overflow tank level at stop signs. There well made,

best of luck. :thumbsup:

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