07 YZ450F Oil Filter O Rings -

I was down at the dealer buying an oil filter for my 450 and on the microfisch there were like 3-4 different O rings on the schematic - 1 for the housing and what looked like several smaller ones inside. Does anyone know which ones if any need to be replaced (or watched) when doing oil changes??? Thanks guys!

There are 4 altogether. The one large one, #3, is 93210-47675-00. There are 3 smaller ones as well, #4, PN 93210-07135-00. I keep a set on hand, just in case, and replace them annually, just for grins. The most common problem with them is when they get dropped in the oil pan without being noticed.


I haven't had to change mine yet. I guess you could change them once a season just for piece of mind but you likely don't have to. Just watch you don't lose them!

grayracer513 - 02YZ426

Thanks guys, I think in my haste of my 1st ever 4stroke oil change I may have lost one as I noticed a little seepage onto the housing after about 30-40 minutes during my last ride. The dealer here in Vegas doesn't stock them (&%$#@!?) so I guess I'll have to park it till I can get some more. Total oil loss was very minimal though. Again, thanks guys...I'm sure this will be the 1st of many tech questions I have as I move into the world of 4's

Sometimes you get some oil drippage just from putting the cover back on.. then when you ride the dirt will stick around the cover and it can look like a small leak. If all 4 o-rings are in place and its not running oil out of the case your probably ok. Just spray some contact cleaner around the cover after doing oil filter changes.

The second most common mistake is to include some small bit of debris under the cover in such a position as to interfere with the ability of one of the rings to get a proper seal. It's happened to my son, and it's worth checking. We just cleaned it off and put it back with the same seals.

i lost a small o ring, just like gray said so i bought a set just to have on hand..

All three of the little ones came of on the first oil change now all three stay on the engine case when I take the filter cover off :&%$#@!: Is that because the heat made the rubber expand and now the o-rings stay?

Not the heat so much as the solvent properties of your oil made them swell a bit. Then they were able to "stick" into their counterbored pockets better than to the cover.

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