How to: Set up New Yz450!!!!!


Thank you for your insight. With it I've chose to become a owner of a new 07 Yz450 Special Edition

Now before I ride I need to set it up

I need help with the fallowing:

  1. Suspension Sag set/adjust?(the manual is'nt clear on this)

  • Suspension all around setup/rebound?
  • Suspension rebound and ???
  • Handlebar position for me a 6'1" Tall
  • Where to buy taller bar mounts or Taller bars?
  • Any other set-up suggestions?

first off you have to ride the bike for a bit and let the suspension settle in before you can set the sag, next, you're not that much taller than the average rider so the stock setup might be fine, but if it isn't, it'd be better to ride the bike and find out how bad it is for you before you start buying stuff you might not need.

Setting the rear sag

Using the sag to check the spring rate

Basic suspension set up

The suspension will "break in", but the springs won't really "settle" appreciably, so set the sag. It won't be the last time you have to set it, anyway. You'll find it changes with heat, and even major changes in altitude. Which is why you should recheck it immediately after riding the bike hard for 30 minutes or so.

You may not be "that tall", but you're most likely too tall for the stock bars. I'd advise a set of Pro Taper "Windham" bars. These feel OK to me on this bike, and I'm only 5'10".

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