i almost forgot how much fun riding a 2 stroke is

i decided to break out my 98kx250 this past weekend.it had been in sitting[buried]in my shed for last 11 months collecting dust.after 45mins.listening to my buddies chugging there beers talking trash about how it probably wont even start.i finally re-arranged enough of the junk in my shed so i could get the bike out and even got lucky it still had 1\2 tank of last years gas.i turned on gas,put air in tires and oiled the chain.then i told my buddys its was not only going to start ready but they were going get to watch me wheelie all the downstreet.then it was like magic i twisted the throttle open 2 or 3 times and gave a mighty kick out came a cloud of smoke as the engine rev'd up.it fired on first kick.i let it warm up for about 45 secs before i kicked it into gear and took off riding that wheelie all the way down the street.it was perfect. i was going to go laugh in all there faces,i turned around and started a wheelie backup the when disaster struck [i should of bled rear brakes]i looped it out.ripping off silencer and shattering rear fender and my pride.i ended up pushing bike home while my buddies rolled around on the floor laughing. anyways,i put a new fender and silencer we went riding the next day.i couldnt believe how much fun it was to be back on that 2 stroke.i had a smile from ear too ear all day long.i dont know if it was because i hadnt been on a 2 stroke in such a long time or if it was cause riding conditions were perfect that day.i just know its was a blast.

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I had a customer who bought a new '02 YZ 125 and wanted it set up. I went out yesterday and got it dialed and then did about another ten laps. That bike is way too much fun. I couldn't believe how much hit it had in the midrange for a 125. Yamaha has definitely done their homework with that one! The whole bike worked so nicely.

To me it's the going back & forth between 2 & 4 strokes that is fun. They just have such drastically different characteristics. I think if you rode the 2 stroke for 6 months and stored the 426, you would probably have the same reaction to brute force of the 4 stroke. I'd love to have a two-stroke mx bike to play around on, or even a trials bike.

give me a YZ250 2 stroke or my trusty CR250 Honda AND an MX track w/ LOTS of jumps!! :)

I would love to ride a bike 30# < than my WR again!

Sometimes I positivley pine for my old

can-am :D twin olins shocks and all :)

It was never beutifull but that rotax sure was a nice engine :D

its funny i always brought both bikes riding and would usually switch back and forth during the day and really enjoyed them equally.but last year i got license plate for wr which gave me access to so much more riding terrian i forgot all about my kx250.i wont let that happen again.now i just got to get enough energy to clean junk pile surrounding my kx125.

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