1'st let down xr650r

Hello guys,

My first let down from my bike.

I loaded up my bike to go riding yesterday. Got to the spot and started my bike 2001 xr 650r about 5,000 miles on it. The bike started fine and idles perfect as always. However, when I get on the bike and start going I notice the bike was sputtering exactly like if I left the choke on. I checked the choke and it is off. The bike continues to sputter w/some smoke coming out when I give it more then 1/4 throttle. I go back to the truck to try and check it out. Airfilter is clean, choke is off so I start it up again. It starts fine first kick,idles fine but when I give it gas the same thing happens. I took out the spark plug and it is very dark black, and has a lot of black build up. I cleaned it with a wire bruh real good and put it back in. Start it back up and same thing starts fine, idles fine, give it gas and sput,sput,sput with smoke coming out.

I was riding last week and when I first got on my bike it was doing the same thing.However it only did it for about 1/4 mile and never did it again. The bike ran perfect all the rest of the ride. Before the ride last week it hasn't been started since the end of June.

What could I check or do before taking it to the shop. Valves were adjusted about 300 miles ago. Oil changes are made between 300-500 miles and I put in a clean airfilter evry ride.

Thanks for the help,


Simple stuff first one at a time.

Change the plug.

I would check to see if you over oiled the air filter. I did that once and had the same symptoms you are having.

Pull the carb and check the choke to see if it is functioning correctly.

I just had the same problem after installing a new tank, clutch cable and plug. What happened was that when I installed the clutch cable I must have pulled on the choke cable so it it was always "on". Tugged it back towards the carb and now it runs great.

Dumb I know but stupid things like that happen and mess the whole thing up.


Yes I agree change the plug first... It's also possible you have a little debris in the float bowl .. I'd check that next if the plug doesn't do it for you...

I'd remove the carb and clean it thoroughly. Chances are excellent there's something amiss with the carb.

I'd remove the carb and clean it thoroughly. Chances are excellent there's something amiss with the carb.

almost always.

maybe you would like to check the fuel tank...try remove the fuel cock and give it a thourough cleaning...

i was thinking maybe just maybe it has bad gas. but it sounds like the plug or the carb isn't right. change gas, change the plug and check the choke cable (i have done that too) if all checks out fine pull the carb and clean. never know and hopefully its something stupid and small.


Your float needle probably has some varnish or residue from fuel drying on it . With warm weather it doesn't take too long for it to happen (since June?). The other thing I would check, because it watched a buddy kick his R for ten minutes with your results, is that choke lever DOWN on the R, is OFF. He had a brain fart and was starting it choke OFF, flipping it ON and trying to ride.:thumbsup:

Good luck

you stated that it idles fine and runs bad under power, www.xr650r.us states problems with the coil wire rubbing through to the frame under the tank. something to check for.

Check the carb for debris, change the plug, get rid of that choke plate altogether and/or get an Eddie carb..................

Thank you to evryone for all the suggestions and advice.

Today I changed the gas, put a new plug and the problem didn't go away.:ride:

I pulled the carb and cleaned it. 1 jet had a little build up in it. I put it all back together and she ran like a champ again. I'm so stoked because now I can go riding tomorrow.:thumbsup:

Thanks again,


What jetting are you running? My old stock setup, High Dez Cali. 68s, 172, and needle smack in the middle ..........uncorked of course XR's Header/Pipe.

good to hear.... now ..... go ride!!!

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