new bike. back on two wheels.

so originally about 4 years ago i rode a cr 80 2 banger.

then i jumped to a raptor, then to a yfz, about 10,000 into the yfz later i had a full race mx quad and competed a small amount, couldnt afford it, so i had to sell it to put the money into my muscle car. {69 nova}

anyway, now i got my hands on a customers yz 400 {98?}

hes actually one of my close friends, and i knew how bad he was with mechanic work in general. wasnt a surprise that about 2 hrs into riding after HIS rebuild it blew up. he didnt even look it over, just put it away assuming something little was wrong with it.

i get the bike and IMMEDIATELY i notice about a 4 inch diameter hole in the jug. haha, NOT supposed to be there, eh steve? :thumbsup:

upon tearing the engine apart, looks like the timing was off, piston bent ALL valves, and then the piston just basically punched a hole in the cylinder. so the crank, piston, cylinder, head and valves are all screwed.

my plan is to make this into a mx bike, for a starter because im not that good on two wheels. im getting a stock head, a 426 cylinder and piston which im told bolt right up to the yz 400. and a crank.

there was a 8oz zip ty flywheel weight on it, im taking that off.

any other ideas to lighten up this bike/make it more mx'able?

thanks guys {first post haha}

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