Who does the best head work on the West Coast?

The PIG (XR650L) is in need of some head work. It is evident by the fact that one of the seats for an exhaust valve has come lose and kinda wallered out the head. I was lucky I did not grenade the motor.

Who does the best work? I am not looking for porting and such, just someone who can cut and install new seats and make sure the head is good to go. Thanks for your advise in advance.:thumbsup:

I use Engine Dynamics.


If you are looking for reliable machine work use XR's Only. They do porting, valve jobs,The BIG FIN head, and big bore kits for all XR's. If you do a port job on the XR650L a high compression piston kit is needed.

+1 on XR's Only. They have done more of this kind of work than anyone else.

I had two bad seats. A local shop tried to fix it and failed. A few months later I had the engine apart again and I took the head to XR's Only. They fixed it right and it has been working just great ever since.

+1 for engine dynamics


I live in the area and have been to their shop, clean as an operating room and they are very nice folks. They've done two jobs for me so far and I'm quite pleased. They are honest and open about what will get you the most value for your dollar.

Foxy Brown, sorry, try Precision Concepts in Temecula or El Cajon.

where in ca are you??

I lived in Pacifica and theres alot of good shops in the Bay Area.

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