Front wheel alignment issues, frustrating

So I tore my bike down to do an inspection and thorough cleaning when I noticed that my front wheel was not aligned with the triple clamps/bars, and chassis.

When I line up the bars and triple clamps square with the frame (I made sure the bars are not bent) the front wheel is angled to the left (from riders view) by a little, but enough to see there is something not right.

So I checked my books, took the axle out, it is straight, the wheel turns true when I tried it out off the bike. The only thing I can see now it that the blocks that hold the axle (sorry don't remember what it is called), one is further forward then the other, making the axle angled. This would mean the forks are bent? but I checked the forks (ran a straigth edge between the two forks to see if it was straight and aligned with the triple clamps) and as far as I can see they are also now I am puzzled. I can't really feel this when I ride, the bars are just angled to one side just a little. But something is not right and I want to fix it.

Anybody have any idea? I know it is hard to talk about this when you can't see the bike, I'll try to take some pics to see you can spot it on that. All I know is that I hope the forks are not bent cause that would be baaaaddd.

Thanks much!


The forks can turn in the clamps and that will cause that. Get the bike up on a stand. Loosen up the clamps and axle. Get the wheel lined up and tighten everything back to spec. If you drop the bike onto the bars while riding expect to have to do this again.

No need to loosen the clamps. Try this first- remove the front wheel from the bike. Reinstall it without tightening down the pinch bolts, just tighten the axle nut snug. Spin the front wheel, then grab the front brake and stop it several times in a row. Then take the bike off the stand, hold the front brake, and pump the front end up and down several times. This will help center the wheel and get you true again. Tighten the pinch bolts and axle and enjoy :thumbsup:

I will try both solutions today, thanks for the input!

It worked :thumbsup: Thanks! It isn't 100% algined but only a few degrees off, works for me!

It worked :thumbsup: Thanks! It isn't 100% algined but only a few degrees off, works for me!

You'll get better at getting it zero'ed in with practice. Next time it's out of whack just try again.

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