Pro-Grip goggles are the clear shiznit!!!!!

I just got my pro-grip 3400 light sensative goggles and these thing kickk arse. They fit so well to my face it is unbeleivable. comfy and nicely made. Also, the customer service is awesome, I hade a slight flaw in my goggles lenses so I emailed pro-grip early this morning and by 10:00am I had an email saying that they will send me 2 free lenses to make up for the inconvenience. how great is that??? anyways enough ranting for today.



They are nice aren't they. There are a bunch on sale at ebay at not too bad a price. I like them better than my buddy's expensive oakleys.

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Do they come in mirror finish? I think you sold me anyway. :) thanks


how much did you pay? I like the idea of the shades! thanks :)

these things were only $35!!!!! inexpensive to say the least. The carbon frames look awesome, and you can get the lenses in mirror. the website is just look under the 3400 tab for the goggles, and I think replacment Light Sensitive lenses are only $12.




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Thanks........I was having trouble finding the site :)

Pete :D

Hey Ronin,

Where did you buy them?

I wonder if we could set up some deal w/ Bobs (Cycle)? I could write a letter. Set it up for a minimum purchase of anything, at a minimum bulk deal of...say 100 items, be it goggles, chain/sprocket kits, whatever, and get 15-20% off...???

I'd have Bob send them out to each of us individually.

What do you think?




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Kevin, I got them from a local shop in my town called Schmitty's Extreme Sports (SXS) You may be able to talk to Bob's about a bulk buy, for the time being I will talk to SXS and see what they can do. FYI I got an email back from progrip today after telling them that I am very satisfied with their customer service and how I would advocate their product on thumpertalk and this is the reply I got....

Dear Ronin,

Thank you very much. You are a friend.

Best regards

Luigi Franchi

Progrip-Plastiche Cassano Srl

these guys actually care.



Does your catalog show if they make goggles tofit over glasses, if so what is the cost?

Jim, they dont have any goggles made especially for glasses, however, the 3400 goggles that I have are the quite large. They completly fill in the face cavity of my Thor helmet, maybe only 1/4" space on the top and sides. If I wore glasses I would try em for you, but my Oakley straight jackets will fit underneath the goggles.

I hope this helps,


holy crap, I got my two new lenses straight from Italy today!!!! Also, a catalog of all the stuff they carry and an explanation of their company. In it there is a picture of a 70 something guy who started Pro-Grip and how his company is a huge success and stuff. His name is Luigi Franchi, the same person who sent me the emails. Amazing to get real customer service and really talk to someone who cares.

Cool company, I am gonna buy as much Pro-Grip stuff as I can, when I need jerseys and pants and stuff.


Thank's for the tip on the goggles, I just ordered some myself. If any one is interested I own an aftermarket shop which does Harley Davidson service and parts, but I also have access to all of the aftermarket off road accessories. I've listed prices for the different styles of progrip goggles below:

3300 Sport Goggle - $16.00

Colors - Black, Blue, Red, Purple, White, Yellow.

3300 No Fog Lens - Clear or Smoke - $6.50

3200 Milennium W/ Clear lens - $26.00

Colors - Blue, Black, Red, Carbon.

3200 Light Sensitive Lens - Carbon - $28.00

3200 Light Sensitive Lens - Black - $26.00

3400 Light Sensitive Lens - $30.00

Colors - Blue, Orange, yellow, Red, Carbon.

There is no need for a bulk order, if any one is interested just PM me with your info. We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard.


Jeff Covert

3C Cycle Service

Benton, AR

Replacement Light Sensitive Lens - $12.00

What a dipsh#* salesman I am :) . I guess I should have added how to contact us huh. Call 501-315-3975 and ask for Stroker, he's the parts guy. I'll give him these prices in the morning and tell him to give you guys these discounted prices. we don't have these in stock today, but I'm going to go ahead and order a few pair of every type and color. we'll have them in just a couple of days and will be able to ship them right on out.



Bigfoot, glad you like the idea of the goggles. This is what makes this forum so great to use, everyone can help everyone else out on a regular basis.



The goggles I ordered are in, just not all of them. I have 3200 light sensitive carbon, 3304 light sensitive black, 3200 clear black, 3400 light sensitive blue, 3300 clear black no fog. all other styles are either back ordered indefinitely or are un-available. check the post above for the pricing and ordering info.



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