Hot start problems 2003 YZ450F

I ride with a bud with an 03 450F and he has a huge problem with hot starting it. is there an adjsutment on the hot start system that is out maybe?

What is the proper hot start proceedure, do you just pull the hot start leaver and hold it till she fires up or do you pull release then kick?


The base method is to pull and hold the hot start, leave the throttle completely closed, and kick it. You may find in some conditions where it has been dropped or stalled that the bike may want a very slight bit of throttle opening.

Whatever is done, you simply MUST NOT engage in the old two-stroke habit of cranking the throttle each time you kick, because if that is done, the accelerator pump will run the engine full of fuel and flood it completely.

You may try starting it without the hot start. My 426 hardly ever needs the hot start pulled, but my wifes 250F almost always needs it pulled while starting it. Some bikes need it and others don't like it.

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