Stalling - bars to the right

All -

Had an interesting issue come up last weekend, at low speed when I turn the bars way to the right, my 99 wr400 stalls. This happened only at low speed while making a tight turn, the rpm's did not appear to kick up or fall down - the bike just died.

I am going to chase the wire for the kill switch tonight - - any other ideas or suggestions???



Your problem is pretty much narrowed down to the kill switch. You might also want to check the freeplay on your compression release cable

Its the compression release cable... im pretty positive about that. I had the same problem. Just give it a little more slack and it will be fine. :)

Thanks for the info and ideas, I will chase both the kill switch and the compression release lever and report back.


It is definately the compression release cable, when it gets routed the wrong way it pulls and opens the valve

definately the compression release. 100%, as the lads say.

with higher bars you need over 1/4" slack-but this depends on the routing of the cable of course.


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