wow! fuel injection on the 250.

maybe it's coming to the 450 sooner than i thought.

innovation is always fun to see.

after reading the description about the engine specs it looks like the wr250r engine is very different from the wr250f engine, possibly less power from it. Yamaha does seem to be going in the right direction though, maybe one day they will do a wr450r that has an engine just as powerful and refined as the wr450f, not some castrated engine like this wr250r seems to be.

That is not a WR250F in street clothing..... do a comparison to the WR250F, it's a completely different bike probaby closer to a TTR than a WR... they also have an X that is the same bike with SM wheels:applause:

While neither would hold a candle to a "real" WR, the FI is promising!

I just traded a 5valve 2001 WR250F for the 2008 wr250r and I weigh 195lbs, it is a bit smaller but I will say my old bike was uncorked and ran awesome, but the injection is really cool, Im an automotive tech for GM and know some tricks for the sensors on the injection system for this bike and I must dissagree with the lack of power, Mine will stand up before Im ready for it to and Im pretty much always ready to after riding the old one. This thing is ahead of its time and going to be very worth the money, Also I get about 60mpg's too.

If they make it in a 450 version I will buy two of them and put one in a storage crate until I totally ride the wheels off the other one.........

Yamaha :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

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