Wheel Bearing Removal ? 06 WR450

Hi all,

Searched the forum, but didn't find what I needed so, new thread....

just pulled my rear wheel to do the lube thing...manual told me to use a "general bearing puller" to remove the wheel bearings...the bearings looked lubed, but the shaft was drying up pretty good

Anyway, jumped on my street ride and after 3 hours of hide and seek came home empty handed...

The yamaha dealer tech guy told me that normally they just beat them out with a screw driver and replace with news one each time...???? So I ordered the kit...

Even if I had of found a puller not sure how it would work since the bearing is flush with the sleeve

So, is what the tech guy told me how we do it?...thanks and regards, KS

Yeah - beat em' out with something long and narrow, I use like a 14" X 1/4" brass drift....


Does anyone know why they put the snap ring in there and while were at it, why did TT get rid of the "&%$#@!" smiley...... &%$#@!!!!!!!!

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