YZ426 Gearing

Hey guys I have a YZ426 and want to swap 5th gear for the WR ratio....my local dealer said it cant be done but ive been told by others it can...Does anyone have any definite info?

Any help greatly appreciated

Yes, you can do that. All that is required is the 5th gear pair from the WR426 (5th pinion and 5th wheel). The jump to fifth will be a bit hefty, since the 4th ratio is slightly lower in the YZF than in the WR also (1.09:1 vs. 1.05:1)

Thankyou for your help, would i be better to use a wr 1st gear and go with bigger sprockets?is that possible?


Changing low gear requires changing the main shaft because the low pinion is cut on the shaft itself. Here are the ratios:













You can mix them up more or less as you like. You can do a mathematical evaluation to decide what combination you might like best. Give some thought to the limits of available rear gearing as you plan.

I have had a quote from my local dealer, roundabout $400 aus for parts and whatever labor on top, thats for 1st and 5th, I may just start with 5th and go a bit smaller sprocket wise...

Im really out of my leauge with ratios etc, I just get on it, start it, and enjoy the ride...

I really appreciate your help on this thankyou for your time

Well, 5th in the WR is 13% higher than the YZ, so that would be roughly like going from a 49/14 to a 49/16, or a 46/15. OTOH, the WR low gear is 36% lower than the YZ, and for that, you would need a 61/13 to get the same ratio.

Have ordered a WR 1st gear and flywheel, hope this is the right choice time will tell,

Thankyou Gray for your much appreciated and knowledgable help

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