Converting Stock Taillight to Running/Brake light on a XR650R

For those who run the "stock tail light" with your tag mounted just below the light- My questions are...

1. How do you hook up the light to be able to be a "running light and license plate light" and then a brake light when the brake in applied?

2. Do you get hassled more by "the boys" by being a minimulist?

3. Any problem with the tag not mounted at an angle such that it could be easily read?

I have a BD's Quick release set up now, and wondered if I could "re wire" the lead coming off the rear light assy. of the stock light set up to plug in to the BD's system? Is this the way to go or do you guys have any suggestions on how to do this? Your help or ideas is always appreciated...:thumbsup:

What I was thinking of doing is getting a 4-strokes only XR rear fender light assy., then installing the Led light insert from Wheeling Cycle, and finally wiring the "new light assy." to a new plug, just as the current brake light is wired with the kit, to be able to just plug into the kit's harness.

Sounds like it may work? Has anyone done this or something simular? :thumbsup:

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